Hi, my name is Nicolas Beaussart, I'm currently living in France where I'm studying computer science. If needed you can contact me at nic.beaussart@gmail.com, on twitter or on my github.

I started working on a computer when I was 8 and did all my classes and studies on a computer. I have a scientific background and decided to study IT and so far, I like it :). I'm currently in my 4th year, doing a Master degree at the Université Catholique de Lille.

I am currently writing a React webapp for a company called RadioKing and I'm starting to be an expert in React and other tools around it like Webpack and such. I'm also a Java developer on my free time and Angular 4.

I'm also a fan of discovering new things, news horizons and people !

I started practicing Reiki with a scientific approach and it turn out it helped me a lot ! So I kept looking into spirituals techniques and tools to find out if they were working or were just placebo effects.

I'm also the communication handler for a medieval association called "La Meute Cornue" where I am a wizard !

Photo by Koc In Elle

You can see me there during a scene we made for an event at Morbeque (North of France). It's been 3 years that I do medieval events in the north of France and I'm loving it!

And that's about it for me :)