I'm a big fan of github stars, I use it to keep projects in hand if needed, like a cool library, or a software I want to try. It's a nice way to store project, plus it gives value to the project!

But the github way of doing it is quite simple : you can make a basic search, sort them, and that's it! It gets more complicated when you have a lot of them...

I have 453 github stars and I wanted to find a way to sort them in folders and categories, that's when I found Astral on github trending system.

Astral is a tool that hooks on your github and let you add tags to them, and it's open source too! :D


A new feature is the ability to sort by language, based on the language inside the repository, and it's working great!

Thanks to it, it's easier to find the one project you stared one year ago so you can finally test it! And you, what do you use to manage project you want to try out?